“Unfortunately, Consoles Kind Of Dictate The PC” «

“Unfortunately, Consoles Kind Of Dictate The PC”

While the PC is getting a lot more love than it used to, that doesn’t mean that everyone is putting their full effort to it. Speaking with Scott Kester, Lead Concept Designer for Borderlands 2, I asked him how he felt about the current state of the PC market and how previous features such FoV sliders, graphic sliders are now marketing tools to the community.

His response was one I liked a lot and was straight to the point.

“In this market, unfortunately the consoles kind of dictate the PC.”

He goes on to tell me how that some developers or publishers realize that majority of the consumer market is on consoles, and it really gives them more of incentive to put their efforts.

But not Gearbox. Gearbox loves their PC community.

“We’re proud to say that we’re one of the few developers that put a lot of effort into PC. Since we all come from that background, we make sure not a single system is compromised in development.”

And it shows. While the game was being shown with the use of Xbox 360 controllers, all the games were running on the PC and it looked sharp and crisp and ran extremely smooth.